Infant and Toddler


Infants – 6 weeks to 18 months

At Dimensions Education Programs, we focus on following each infant’s lead, taking into account their unique interests, needs, and developmental stage.

Our infant program emphasizes the role of educators in observing and responding to infants’ cues, providing a rich and stimulating environment, and supporting each infant’s exploration and learning at their own pace. The curriculum is designed to promote sensory experiences, open-ended play, and opportunities for movement and social interaction, all of which are essential for the holistic development of infants.

Dimensions Education Programs recognizes the importance of respecting each infant’s autonomy, individuality, and agency in learning. Educators are responsive, attentive, and supportive, guiding infants gently and respectfully as they explore and make sense of the world around them. By embracing a child-led, nature-focused approach, the Dimensions Education Program’s infant program aims to foster a love for learning and a strong foundation for future development.


Toddlers – 18 months–3 years 

At Dimensions Education Programs, the toddler program is designed to provide a rich and stimulating environment that supports toddlers’ natural curiosity, exploration, and love for learning. Our philosophy emphasizes connecting with nature, open-ended play, and following each toddler’s lead.

We recognize the value of open-ended play in toddlers’ development. Toddlers are provided various materials and opportunities for imaginative play, creative expression, and problem-solving. This allows them to explore, experiment, and make sense of the world around them uniquely.

The child-led aspect of our philosophy honors toddlers’ interests, choices, and individuality. Our esteemed educators observe and respond to toddlers’ cues, providing support and guidance while allowing them to lead their learning journey. This approach fosters a sense of independence, self-confidence, and autonomy in toddlers as they explore and discover the world around them.


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