A Look Into Our Programs

Our site is designed to be functional, beautiful and reflective of children’s learning. Our settings offer a welcoming atmosphere, embrace nature and provide purposeful, engaging materials.


Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classrooms

Designed with the Nature Explore guiding principles, our outdoor classrooms nurture children’s sense of wonder, support developing habits of joyful learning, and offer a place outdoors to connect with nature where children can crawl over logs, wind along a path through flowers and butterflies, play a marimba, create nature art, build with blocks and tree cookies, move to nature’s themes, and more.


Work Time Rooms

Our welcoming, beautiful and functional classrooms give children easy access to supplies and learning materials that support creativity, problem-solving work, exploration, collaboration and open-ended play.


Gyms and Big Body Play Spaces

Each of our locations has an indoor space where more vigorous exercise play and big body activity can happen. Children have access to a variety of equipment and materials that support physical development games and pretend play.


Napping and Resting Spaces

We coordinate children’s nap and rest schedules depending on age and individual needs. Our naptime spaces support relaxation and sleep with soft, tranquil music and dim lighting. Cribs, cots or mats are provided for comfort and children often bring a favorite snuggle toy to keep with their nap supplies.


Snack and Lunch Spaces

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and lunch are scheduled at a similar time each day. Children and adults eat together in small groups at tables appropriate to the children’s size where they can enjoy their meal and socially interact with each other.


Hallways and Entry Areas

Our beautiful and welcoming hallways and entry areas provide families with useful information and class schedules, documentation sharing insights to learning and organization for children’s personal items.