Research & Collaboration

The Dimensions Education Programs, located at 7700 A and at First-Plymouth Church in Lincoln Nebraska, are part of and serve as primary research sites for Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. As a faculty, we spend a great deal of time observing children and documenting their experiences. Then, teachers individually and with their colleagues reflect upon their documentation and develop an enriching environment and plan rich experiences for children.

This research supports our teaching, and the development of publications, resources, educator workshops, and the creation of natural materials distributed through the Nature Explore program. Nature Explore is a comprehensive program of services and resources working nationally to bring the joys of nature to children’s lives.

We are an inclusive welcoming community program that does not include any religious teaching. We serve children from all over Lincoln and surrounding communities. Children with special needs are integrated into our classrooms with support from Lincoln Public Schools. Several local colleges and universities place students in our program for practicum and student teaching experiences. Many educators visit us to learn about incorporating our philosophy and see our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom.

Families and staff work together to provide enriching experiences. Many opportunities are available for families to be involved during and outside of the school day. We welcome your ideas and participation!