About Us

7700 A Street, Lincoln, NE 68510

(402) 467-6112 Option 8

Age Groups

Infant-Preschool (year round)


Our mission is to inspire children, families and educators to connect more deeply with the world around them. Our philosophy and approach guide our work in support of providing learning experiences that enable each child to reach their potential.

Philosophy and Approach

Dimensions Education Programs provide a hands-on, experiential approach to
learning. Through inspiring environments, quality materials and exemplary teachers, children initiate their own curriculum opportunities to:

  • Develop a foundation for life-long learning
  • Grow socially by practicing problem solving, negotiation and group participation
  • Develop compassion and empathy for others, a positive sense of self and an appreciation for cultural diversity
  • Learn about wellness including physical development, healthy eating and body competence
  • Cultivate intellectual development through investigation and discovery of math and science concepts with teacher support
  • Experience language and literacy through exposure to quality literature, carried writing opportunities and introduction to languages other than English.
  • Discover the arts including music, creative movement and visual arts

Dimensions programs are planned to work well whether children stay for part-time sessions or longer days. Our teachers are professionals who spend many hours planning and studying together each week. Our goal is to provide the best early education experience possible for each unique and special child.